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one of (Madison) Capital Times's "stand-out reads" of 2002

"powerful...Featherstone is a terrific writer"

  review in Monthly Review: "interesting and thoughtful....useful and stimulating"
...and read why Rethinking Schools thinks the book is great to teach with

Students Against Sweatshops

by Liza Featherstone and United Students Against Sweatshops

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Read an interview with Liza Featherstone in Wiretap.

"Refreshing...admirable." - Bad Subjects

This book tells an inspiring story of how students are making history today. Their battle against sweatshops reveals how the globalization of capital is creating a globalization of conscience.

- Tom Hayden, Students for a Democratic Society cofounder/former California state senator

As vividly as any documentary film, Students Against Sweatshops captures the gusto and political savvy of a student movement that has made its impact in every corner of the global economy. Nor does this indispensable book pull any punches; its bold commentary will hit home where it needs to be heard.

- Andrew Ross, editor, No Sweat: Fashion, Free Trade and the Rights of Garment Workers

Campus activism lives! This  inspiring and lucid account of the work of United Students against Sweatshops proves it.  Blending commitment and analysis, Featherstone tells us why USAS is about much more than caps and t-shirts -- it's about worker's rights, women's rights, challenging the corporatization of the university, and establishing  a fair world order.

- Katha Pollitt, Nation magazine columnist

Here are the inspiring voices of our democracy -- young people daring to question authority and confront power.  These are the Thomas Paines, Sojourner Truths, Fredrick Douglasses, and Mother Joneses of our times.  America needs them more than ever.

-- Jim Hightower, radio commentator


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United Students Against Sweatshops heads a wave of anti-sweatshop organizing that has reached over two hundred American campuses in the past four years. From New England to New Mexico, at colleges and universities public and private, large and small, students have chained themselves to administrators' desks, fasted for days and disrupted football games, making one demand: clothing bearing school logos must be produced under healthy, safe and fair working conditions.

Their campaigns have terrified multinational companies like Nike, whose profits depend on young consumers. They have also brought the global economic justice movement to the corporate campus, and provided a model for transnational student/worker solidarity. Student agitation has also, in a short time, led to some startlingly concrete improvements in overseas workers' conditions. This lively book combines sharp analysis from a seasoned journalist with narratives from both sweatshop workers and student activists, creatively blurring distinctions between author and subject.

Students Against Sweatshops provides an overview of a new campus radicalism, as well as a tool for the realization of its goals.

Liza Featherstone is a New York City journalist who has written extensively about student, youth and labor organizing. A contributor to LBO, The Nation, Newsday and The Washington Post, she is now writing a book about Wal-Mart workers.

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