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Doug Henwood's radio archives
(through December 2005)

LBO editor Doug Henwood does a radio show on WBAI, New York, covering economics and politics. It's on most Thursdays, 5-6 PM NYC time. WBAI is at 99.5 on the FM dial - and also, via RealPlayer, on the web. Here are some archived shows, as well as some individual interviews.

Note the dates of the shows are links. If you want to direct someone right to a specific show, copy that link.

A number of people have asked about the theme music. It's the Kronos Quartet performing "Wawshishijay (Our Beginning)," written by Obo Addy, from the album Pieces of Africa. I inherited it from Samori Marksman,pciture of an old radio the late and severely missed former program director of WBAI, who bequeathed me the time slot, and decided to keep the theme in his memory.

TECHNICAL NOTES The files are available in two flavors of MP3 - streaming and downloadable. (Streaming means you listen to it online in real time without transferring a file to your computer; downloadable means you transfer the file to your computer and listen offline. In either case, you'll need a program that can play MP3-format files.) Initially, only 48kbps versions were posted, but many people don't have the bandwidth to handle it. So, as of September 2002, shows were also made available is 16kbps as well, which offers lower sound quality, but should be well within the capacity of most dialups. And starting with th