lbo-talk is an email-based mailing list for disucssing politics, economics, and culture, all expansively defined, sponsored by this newsletter.

Despite that sponsorship, I hope this list will be a forum for speaking across intellectual and social boundaries that have divided the left, such as it is, for too long. Among these oppositions I'd like to see worked through are ones like class/identity, cultural politics/"real" politics, Marxism/postmodernism, universal/particularist, activism/theory, economics/culture, nature/labor; nature/culture, and labor/culture.

Subscriptions are open, and posts go right to the list without approval. But stupidity, prolixity, dogmatism, bigotry, cheap disruptiveness, sectarianism, and false or multiple identities are not welcome, and will result in warning, suspension, or ejection. There's a three-post a day limit, so please observe that.

Posts to the list are archived, and the archives are indexed by Google and other search engines. If there's a risk that present or future employers might not like what you have to say here - or relatives or enemies or whatever - then you shouldn't post under your own name or a recognizable email address. Get an account with Yahoo! mail or the like (not Hotmail, if you can avoid it - their mailboxes fill too quickly and bounce too frequently).

Please note that the list changed servers on April 2, 2003, so any old instructions you have are now obsolete.

Doug Henwood, editor

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