These articles are taken from various issues of LBO, from 1992 through 2008.


Would you like change with that?

Awe, shocks!


After non-collapse The system didn't collapse. What now? [1994]
After the war After the Kosovo war: ethnic purification in humanitarianism's name. [1999]
Tariq Ali interview The Lahore-born, London-based Ali comments on September 11, the roots of Islamic fundamentalism, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan... [2001]
Anti-market forces The failure of monetarism. The nonsense of efficient market theory. State power and the creation of markets. Mexico: disaster in the making. The transition to capitalism makes East Europeans nostalgic. Betrayal and weakness by the established left. [1994]
Antisocial insecurity The Social Security bankruptcy scam. Why the problem is political, not economic or demographic. [1998]
Argentina collapses The star student of neoliberalism hits a wall. [2001]
Asia melts The Southeast Asian crisis of 1997-98 .[1998]
Awe, shocks! A review of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine. [2008]
Blows against Empire Review of Hardt and Negri's Emipre. [2001]
Boom for whom? Latest U.S. income & poverty stats. [2000]

The Burger International


The Burger International Revisited

Organizing McDonald's and other retail outlets (by Liza Featherstone). First piece with emphasis on a campaign in British Columbia [1998]; second, updates that and looks at Indonesia, Russia, and Europe - and thinks about what it will take to make progress [1999].
The contract with Mexico The Mexican crisis of late 1994-early 1995. The fraudulent boom, the bubble, and the bailout. How Mexico will pay dearly for its rescue. [1995]
Costs of crime Cost of U.S. crime - is it $175 billion or $27 trillion? How bad numbers become law (by Josh Mason). [1996]
Crappy little countries "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall." - Michael Ledeen. Imperialism in theory & practice, Bush-style. [2003]
Crime wave The US is a terribly violent country, but there's no explosion in crime. Crime rate flat, incarceration soars. Victims mainly downscale and nonwhite. Pandemic bastardy no explanation. [1994]
Crisis update The global financial crisis of 1998 . Where it came from, what it means. [1998]
Dissent goes to war Editorial staff whoops it up for war, led by guest Gen. David Rieff. Dissenter Jo-Ann Mort says this piece is "disgusting." [1999]
Dow 7000 Why the market is so high, what it means, and why the market should return -68% in real terms over the next 10 years. How little the stock market has to do with real investment, and how much with power. [1997]
Dow 36,000 Why the stock market should quadruple, almost overnight. People actually believe this. [1999]
Driving madness Why Americans must drive less for the sake of life on earth. [2004]
EMU European Monetary Union: goverment by central bankers. [1998]
Cynthia Enloe: an interview On war, oil, masculinity, and torture. [2004]
Enron collapses The supercool, weightless, New Economy star implodes. [2001]
Financial crisis averted The collapse that never happened. Derivatives: tomorrow's crisis? [1992]
The foundation culture How foundations (and the broader nonprofit sector) constrain culture and politics -- an article you won't read in the foundation-supported press. A sidebar on their stock portfolios and marketing gimmicks (by Gina Neff). [1995]
Globalization, antiglobalization Is "globalization" really the enemy? The International Forum on Globalization. Doug Tompkins and his sweatshop-funded Foundation for Deep Ecology. David Korten's awful book, When Corporations Rule the World. Plus a follow-up to the original article. [1996]
How jobless the future? Has the cyber-revolution made human workers obsolete? Does Stanley Aronowitz have any idea what he's talking about? [1996] Aronowitz responds. [1997]
Income news Income and poverty reports, international and domestic. Poverty worst in US, of course. [1993]
2004: income down, poverty up Some expansion! [2005]
An interview with Slavoj Zizek The Sage of Ljubljana on Iraq, Bush, Chomsky, fantasy [2003].
Jerry Brown Flake -- or fraud? Stupid tax schemes, written by Arthur Laffer. [1992] Jerry says this is all old news; for his side, click here.
Joseph Stiglitz interview An interview with the Nobel prizewinning economist. An edited transcript of a radio interview. Listen to the original audio here. [2002]
LBO At 20 Reflections on this newsletter's 20th birthday, and the difficulties that American culture poses leftists. [2006]
Let George do it A review of George Soros' The Crisis of Global Capitalism [1999]
Life after the IMF and Bank are gone Patrick Bond and Walden Bello imagine a world after the Bank and Fund are put out of business [2000].
The long, strange career of Jeffrey Sachs From Dr Shock to Bono's travelling companion: what's up with this guy? [2005]
The mess we're in The perils of third party or independent politics. Where's Ralph? [2003]
Microcredit, microresults Small loans for small business to the poor, especially women -- fashionable among neoliberal politicians, liberal philanthropists, and sensitive bankers. Gina Neff investigated, and found a lot of nothing: Grameen Bank leaves women poor, and is no challenge to patriarchy. [1996] Plus, a follow-up article, a report on the Feburary 1997 Microcredit Summit. Poverty alleviation, brought to you by Citibank, MasterCard, and Monsanto. [1997]
Myth smashing Small business isn't that great. And downsizing doesn't produce miracles. [1994]
A nation of (yesterday's) immigrants The economics of immigration. [2006]
The New Economy & after The boom, the bust, the productivity miracle, the bull market.... [2004]
New Party How New is the New Party? Not terribly, it seems. A focus on New York City's politics and economy. Party goes to Canada to learn how to betray its members. [1993]
Not such a good year, 2001 Income & poverty update. Incomes down, poverty up, inequality at a 70-year high. [2003]
1.75 cheers for Ralph A very qualified endorsement of Nader for President in 1996. Full of critique of his economics and employment practices. [1996]
Paying for health The state of US health care finance. Written just before Clinton's failed proposal was unleashed. [1993]
Pension schemes World Bank says: privatize public pensions. Cutting retirement supports to the bone. Is Social Security really going bust, or is the disaster scenario the result of impossibly bearish economic forecasts? [1994]
Politics of counting The CPI revision scam. The fraud of "generational accounting," and tales of 84% tax rates.
Poverty in the US Who's poor? [1993]
Race and income Black middle class holds its own, still well below average white incomes; black poor take a nasty hit. [1995]
Race, unemployment, and pay How race and unemployment help determine pay: Blanchflower & Oswald's wage curve, with a twist, by Heather Boushey [1998]
Ralph 'n' stuff Nader, Kerry, lesser evilism, and the promises of disappointment. [2004]
Sex and income White guys slipping, but they're still on top. Women of all colors gain relative to men, but they still have a ways to go. [1994]
Social Security revisited The latest, and characteristically definitive, piece on Social Security privatization [2005].
Studying arrogance An insider's report of the greed and smugness at the Columbia Business School [2000].
This Kosovo thing A polemic about that awful war. [1999]
Up to the eyeballs Debts everywhere: the economic risks. An old story that gets relevant at certain times in the economic cycle. [2001]
A very European war An interview with anthropologist Robert Hayden about Yugoslavia, etc. [1999]
War September 11, and the war in Afghanistan. [2001]
Wealth distribution Wealth rises to the top, debts sink to the bottom. Top 1% richer than bottom 90%! [1997]
Where's the payoff? With all that computer investment, where's the productivity kick? [1997]
Whose bubble was it? Who are the guilty parties in inflating the U.S. late 90s bubble? How The Nation got it wrong. [2002]
Why TV sucks A review of Bourdieu's On Television. Why too much is made of concentration and not enough of how the competitive structure of journalism for profit explains why it's so bad [1998].
Work & its future Is work disappearing? Will machines replace us - or is high tech really our savior? Skills crisis - or "attitude problem"? Does Jeremy Rifkin have any idea what he's talking about - ever? [1996]
World Bank news The purge of Ravi Kanbur, and some funny numbers from Bank economists. The mysterious case of the disappearing paper by the aptly named Dollar [2000].
Would you like change with that? The febrile disorder of Obamamania. [2008]

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