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publications & archives

The American Prospect Liberal policy magazine. Organizes Electronic Policy Network web consortium.
Bad Subjects The cultural politics of daily life. Read Doug Henwood's shocking confession, "I was a teen-age reactionary."
The Baffler Splendid journal of politics and culture. The "real thing," not to be confused with the impostor site set up by some pranksters at the now split-up, picked-over Wired empire.
Capitalism Nature Socialism An excellent journal bridging the Red-Green gap.
CounterPunch The political newsletter, co-edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeff St Clair.
IPPN International Progressive Publications Network - extensive list of links worldwide.
Logos "A critical journal of modern society and culture covering the fields of politics, social sciences, arts and humanities..."
Mail & Guardian South African weekly newspaper, with daily web updates.
Marx/Engels Archive Vast library of Marx, Engels, and a few of their progeny. Another Marx archive. With a special page devoted to Marxism & women.
Monthly Review The independent and admirable Marxist magazine and book publisher.
Namebase What spooks & their friends are up to (formerly Public Information Research).
The Nation Since 1865.
The New Press The excellent indpendent house set up in 1990 by Andre Schiffrin after he got booted from Pantheon by the evil suits at Conde Nast. Also LBO's landlord and publisher of Doug Henwood's forthcoming After the New Economy.
People's Weekly World Weekly newspaper of the CPUSA.
Progressive Review Sam Smith's D.C.-based muckraking.
Rethinking Marxism "A journal of economics, culture, and society." Mixing the various postisms with Old Karl to create a Marxism for tomorrow.
Spoon A collective that runs mailing lists on Marxism and postmodernism. The Deleuze & Guattari list is the funniest thing on fiber optics.
Verso  Publisher of Doug Henwood's Wall Street and Liza Feattherstone's Students Against Sweatshops.


think tanks etc.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  Progressive Ottawa-based policy shop.
Cato Institute  The last word in corporate libertarianism.
Center for Economic & Policy Research Progressive think tank run by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot, freshly reinforced by LBO contributor Heather Boushey.
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise Wise Use leader Ron Arnold's institute. Arnold was named the #1 Enemy of the Earth by People magazine. The enviros' response to Wise Use: CLEAR.
Center for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation the University of Warwick, UK. LBO has many articles on this site at odds with their agenda.
Center for the Study of Popular Culture Right-wing pig David "Second Thoughts" Horowitz' site.
Citizens for Tax Justice Tax analysis from people who like progressivity.
Economic Policy Institute The indispensable progressive economic thinktank. For detailed U.S. labor market and income data, see their Deep Data Zone.
Electronic Policy Network A consortium of mainly liberal think tanks, gathered by The American Prospect. Good info on income, poverty, taxes, etc. Members inclue: CTJ, CBPP, Center on Law and Social Policy. What the very ruling class Citizens Budget Commission (which keeps an eye on the New York State and City budgets; check out the links to "Our Trustees," like KMPG Peat Marwick) is doing there is a mystery.
FAIR The indispensable media watch group, publishers of Extra! and producers of Counterspin.
Institute for Resarch on Poverty Establishment source on poverty research, based at the University of Wisconsin.
Milken Institute As in Michael Milken. Useful research actually.
National Low Income Housing Coalition Excellent source of housing info and hotbed of advocacy.
Oxfam UK Good papers on debt and development. The web parent, One World, hosts an array of NGOs.
Polyconomics Jude Wanniski, supply side guru and passionate goldbug, works here. Right wing and never dull.
Rockford Institute If your ideal is small-town white America in 1840, this is for you!
von Mises Institute The right-wing icon & his friends.


economics & finance

Alternative Information & Development Centre Critical/radical info and analysis on debt and development.
Center for Economic & Policy Research Papers on globalization, social security, etc., from Dean Baker, Mark Weisbrot, and others.
Corporate governance Where financial abstraction meets the real world.
Corporate Watch What they're up to and how to follow them.
Financial Markets Center Watching the Fed, from a populist/progressive standpoint. Indluces an excellent and growing archive of Fed transcripts.
FINWeb More financial links.
GEO Newletter on Grassroots Economic Organizing; "dedicated to reporting on community based economies, and their development through local cooperative action."
Global Trade Watch Nader's trade people.
Inequality & health A collection of papers. Separate from income, inequality itself is harmful to health. Inequality, of course.
Inner City Press/Community on the Move Bronx-based Community Reinvestment Act, anti-redlining, Fed-torturing group led by the tireless and admirable Matthew Lee.
International Association for Feminist Economics Publishers of Feminist Economics
Journal of Finance's links An exhaustive anthology of financial links.
Patrick Mason  Notre Dame economist's site; excellent papers on race discrimination.
Luxembourg Income Study Comparative international data on income and poverty. A prodigious enterprise.
J.P. Morgan America's most prestigious bank, founded by "Old Livernose" Morgan. Price your derivatives here.
Outline of Political Economy list archives. Hardass Marxist value theorists chatting among themselves. Long draped in heavy secrecy, for some inexplicable reason, now open to the world for reading (but not posting! this is a difficult discourse - initiates only please!).
Robert Shiller Yale finance prof. Lots of historical financial data, and a prediction of a 38% stock market decline by 2006.
George Soros fan page Really. Oh yeah, his foundations, operating in over 30 countries (including the U.S.) are here.
Morgan Stanley etc. J.P. Morgan's long-separated twin, now merged with Dean Witter and Discover (ex of Sears - a very strange cross-class marriage). Global Economic Forum is sometimes interesting. Watch as economist Stephen Roach inspects the American "bubble."
URPE Union for Radical Political Economics.
University of Texas Inequality Project James Galbraith & Co. Not the friendliest of sites, but full of great info. Note the (year-unlabeled) graph showing sustained low unemployment's effect on inequality, which appears to be way down, at least in manufacturing wages.
Value theorists International Working Group on Value Theory. For the latest in that subgenre.
Welfare info For the latest on welfare "reform."

official statistics & other government info

In addition to the specific links below, the University of Michigan has an excellent guide to official sites worldwide.


Bureau of Economic Analysis GDP stats, etc.
Bureau of Justice Statistics The numbers on crime and punishment.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment, unemployment, wages, occupational safety, prices, consumer expenditures.
Census Bureau Immense collection of data on population, income, poverty, jobs, housing, factories, governments...
Centers for Disease Control Information on public health, AIDS, etc. Home of that page-turner, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.
Congressional Budget Office Finally, a late arrival on the web. Reports not as interesting ever since the Republican takeover in 1994, but still good budget and economic projections.
Federal Reserve Board The rentiers' personal branch of government.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York The most important of all the regional Fed branches. Lots of financial data.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Famous mostly for its early devotion to the secular religion of monetarism; useful for a big collection of historical economic and financial data.
Fedstats Bill & Al's excellent gateway to the entire federal statistical playpen.
FERRET Extract data from the Current Population Survey. 
National Center for Health Statistics Just like the name says.
Securities & Exchange Commission Lots of corporate info on the Edgar database.
Thomas Bills pending in Congress, bills already passed, the Congressional Record.
U.S. Treasury Press releases, data, etc. from the DC branch of Goldman Sachs.
White House Practically every word Clinton utters, except the sweet nothings. Plus documents, statistics, and happy pictures.

outside U.S.


U.S. Census Bureau's international links


central banks around the world


statistical agencies of:


European Union






World Bank (and the parody site)

World Trade Organization



IGC labor links A good list of labor links.
ILR labor links Another good list, this from Cornell's labor institute.
Labor & the net (Eric Lee) Labor goes digital.
LabourNet Focus on international labor solidarity. Few things scare the ruling class more than that idea.
National Labor Committee Anti-sweatshop activists; the people who made Kathie Lee Gifford cry.
Plawiuk's links More labor links
TimeWork Tom Walker's page devoted to reducing worktime.
Workplace A journal of academic labor.


Environmental News Network  Green wire service; publishes useful free daily email clipping service.
International Rivers Network Berkeley-based group doing great work stopping dams, which are more destructive than you might imagine. IRN's Patrick McCully explains this in his fine book, Silenced Rivers [That's an Amazon link on which LBO would get a modest commission if you consummate the order.] The Narmada dam project in India is a prime example.
McSpotlight The spotlight on McDonald's. Also see Liza Featherstone's article on unionizing the chain from LBO #86.
Petroconsultants People who think the oil is running out.
Project Underground  "Supporting communities threatened by the mining & oil industries."
Rachel's Named after Rachel Carson; fine environmental reporting.
Worldwatch Capital's guardian of the planet, in Jim O'Connor's phrase.


AU-TOP-SY Autonomous Marxists. Massimo de Angelis on globalization is a highlight.
Black Radical Congress The name says it all.
Paulina Borsook Technoskeptic and critic of cyberselfishness; Wired magazine's once-resident hippie.
B'Tselem The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. Extensive stats on deaths and injuries on both sides.
Center for Responsive Politics The definitive source on money, the mother's milk of politics.
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise "Wise use." Free market environmentalism, as professed by Ron Arnold, identified by People magazine as the #1 enemy of the earth. Wrong, but worth engaging.
Harry Cleaver's page The Zapatistas & autonomous Marxism, among other things.
Collective Action Notes Troublemaking of the self-organized sort. Quite a few articles on "council communism," many of them by Paul Mattick Sr.
Communications for a Sustainable Future Archives and mailing lists on environmental politics, feminism, and heterodox economics.
Communist Party USA Unlike the sects, they actually get involved in real politics. And membership is rising, they say.
Electronic Policy Network Home for liberal policy wonks - tax, welfare, other policy. Sponsored by The American Prospect magazine. Links to Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, Citizens for Tax Justice, and others.
Generic Trotskyist League (40% off) "We Are Trotskyists And We Know How To Rap/We Are Sick Of All This Petit-Bourgeois Crap/Because We Stand For Independence Of The Working Class/We Don't Dissolve Ourselves In The Reactionary Mass."
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Still wobbly after all these years.
Jay's Left Links Billions & billions of left and "progressive" links. Definitive is a word that comes to mind.
International Society of Malthus Friends of the Parson (unlike this site, which is no friend of his).
Lower East Side Collective Some fine folks fighting the stinking developers and other enemies of the people in Lower Manhattan.
Bob Malecki's site Bob Malecki, net personality and Spartacist fellow-traveller, living in exile in northern Sweden. Dowloand his novel, Ha-Ha McNamara, Vietnam - My Bellybutton is my Crystalball!; read his zine, Cockroach,; and savor his reprint of the Workers Vanguard lazy, devious attack on Doug Henwood's Wall Street. And read Henwood's response.
National Alliance Neo-Nazis. Where else can you read book catalog copy for Mein Kampf like this: "Manheim translation: Accurate, but marred by anti-Hitler introductions and derogatory footnotes."
Neo-Confederates Tracking the guys who fly under the Stars & Bars. There are more of them than you might think.
Nixonia Click there if you love Dick.
Physicians for a National Health Program Data on costs and coverage, and advocacy for single-payer.
Progressive Links Oodles of them.
Prostitutes' Education Network Politicized prostitutes.
Marta Russell Works by a leading radical writer on diability issues.
Ken Sherrill's links The Hunter College prof's list of links on politics, both mainstream and lesbian/gay (not that lesbians and gays can't be mainstream).


Bitch "Feminist responses to pop culture." Smart & lively ones.
Center for the Study of Popular Culture The evil David "Second Thoughts" Horowitz' think tank. Vicious right-wing propaganda.
CTHEORY International journal of theory, technology and culture, edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
Cultural studies list A mailing list and archive for cultural studies, run by Gil Rodman.
English Server Articles, journals, bulletin boards, mailing lists in the arts & humanities.
Foucault News, papers, links, and more.
Nerve "Literate smut." Erotica for highdomes. Features several pieces by LBO contributor Liza Featherstone.
NSK Embassy Portal to the virtual state and cultural enterprises of Neue Slowenische Kunst, most famous for Laibach and for fellow traveler Slavoj Zizek.
WFMU The greatest radio station on earth. Listen to it on the web, if you're not in the New York area.

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