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Bond prices Why do bond prices fall as interest rates rise? The arithmetic of pricing debts.
Deep Red Powering the U.S. boom - $1.3 trillion in new foreign debt in the Clinton years. Watch black ink turn to red.
The Gini index A definition of this measure of income (in)equality, and its course over the last 40 years in the U.S.
Income mobility references For the article from LBO #84.
Juicy cash flow One explanation for the great bull market: instead of re-investing profits, firms are pumping them into shareholders' pockets.
The language of money What all those terms (like M1 and fed funds) used on LBO's money page mean - and an overview of how the Federal Reserve and other central banks work.
Marxing up the millennium Talk by Doug Henwood at the conference "On Pain Of Extinction: Marx at the Millennium," University of Florida, Department of English, March 1999. MS Word 95/6.0 format.
Producing poverty references For the article "Producing poverty" in LBO #89.
Speculation & interest rates The relations between interest rates and speculation. Why plungers love lower rates and hate higher ones.
Wall Street: Class Racket Doug Henwood's talk at the Brecht Forum, New York, June 25, 1997. Televised by C-SPAN, June 30 and July 1, 1997. Based in part on his book, Wall Street.
Welfare & wages Bosses, their pundits, and their politicians have lots of workers convinced that welfare receipients are their enemy, even though real wages have fallen along with real benefits. Not surprising, since welfare is a floor under the wage.

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